What is a BluePage Landing Page?

Alexander Falossi

Last Update 3 年前

The BluePages.Pro website landing page is a single web page with a primary call to action typically created in support of a specific campaign or offer. Built with a single goal in mind, website landing pages have a significant emphasis on conversion rate performance. Marketing teams very often conduct extensive conversion experiments on landing pages in order to increase the number of leads or sales generated from these pages. Our pages are designed to move prospects from “just looking” to “hey, let’s do some business here!”

“Kinda like Zillow, but for the home improvement space”

Marketers use landing pages for a variety of different reasons. But ultimately, their main purpose is to prompt site visitors to take a specific action. A successful landing page will convert your visitors into leads or customers, and connect them to the right people within your company. Having a single focused objective (your primary call to action) is what makes website landing pages your best bet to drive conversions. The BluePages.Pro can move them through a specific OFFER, or your finance button, or your virtual estimator… or your offer for a proposal. We can design and build your CALL TO ACTION with FOCUS around your needs.

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