How We Make Your Landing Page Design Convert

Alexander Falossi

Last Update 3 years ago

How are top companies building and optimizing landing pages today? Discover the latest trends you should know. We included them all in our design over at BluePages.Pro. Again, the goal is to get your prospects to take action.


Adding videos to your landing pages that explain your product benefits can work wonders to convert more customers. Here’s how Watkins did it:

Dynamic typography

Custom photography

More and more companies are saying goodbye to cringey stock photography. RIP stock photos (and good riddance). Using authentic, custom photos on your landing pages humanizes your brand. We’re all tired of seeing the same stock photos online so custom photography is like a breath of fresh air for your visitors. Here’s what All Phase Construction USA did:

Remember to show your work… it builds a tremendous amount of credibility.

Be consistent

We keep your landing page design consistent with your brand. Even if the page isn’t a permanent fixture on your website, you want to provide a consistent customer experience across all channels. 

Avoid visual clutter

We keep the design simple and include plenty of white space. This helps you draw attention to the most important elements of your landing page (financing button, offer button, your video, your picture gallery, your reviews)

Remove your site navigation

You want your visitors to take a specific action on your landing page–not get distracted and navigate away. Remove your main navigation menu to avoid killing your conversion rate. We do however provide plenty of backlinks to your website and social links. This is done as a back up, perhaps your prospect would like to engage on social media, they now have a way to find you!

Include videos to illustrate your value proposition

Many contractors see a huge jump in conversion rates by adding videos to their landing pages. Videos encourage people to stay on your page longer and increase trust.

Make sure your video has a clear purpose that’s aligned with your landing page goal. You don’t want your video to distract from your CTA–you want it to push people towards a decision. We can’t state this enough, your video is SUPER IMPORTANT - nail it and watch your conversions skyrocket!

Include social sharing buttons

This makes it easy for people to spread the landing page love to their personal networks. Why not let your visitors do some of the work for you?

Ensure the page looks great on mobile

Every landing page you create needs to be mobile friendly. We do all the heavy lifting for you, our tech team ensures your BluePages.Pro landing page is mobile optimized. Mobile is the #1 way people use the internet today so you want your landing pages to look just as fabulous on mobile as they do on desktop.

Ensure minimal scrolling

This point comes back to keeping your landing page as simple and clear as possible. In traditional landing pages, place your CTA above the fold to ensure your visitors don’t have to scroll for days before converting. Big offer - great video - and an easy way to connect. Those are the goals we are all looking for here!

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