How to Add APS Details

Alexander Falossi

Last Update 9 maanden geleden

1.) To have an APS feature, the required plan is Platinum.  
2.) If you don't have an account yet, get the platinum plan here. In case, you have listing already and want to upgrade, please go to this instruction to see how to upgrade the plan

3.) Once you have a Platinum plan, go to "My Pages".

4.) Click the "Edit" button of your Platinum Plan.

5.) Then click the "APS" tab.

6.) Set the name and email of the APS Contact Person.

7.) Then select "Lender" for each level. Once done, click the "Update" button

8.) If you want to enroll dealer, click on the "Dealer Enrollment" button to schedule an appointment.
9.) For Lender Program Recommendations, please contact [email protected]. These are submitted by our profession financing experts based on your Margin Integrity and Enrolled Lenders.

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