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Alexander Falossi

Last Update 3 years ago

Here’s where things get a bit more interesting. Conversational landing pages allow you to engage visitors while they’re live on your page through your live chat tool we provide!

You can ask your visitors strategic questions through an interactive bot and guide them to take a specific action. Conversational Pages like our VIRTUAL ESTIMATOR take up the entire screen–no forms. Just conversations.

This is a great way to have visitors really focus on the conversation you want them to have. You can use conversational landing pages for webinar registrations, demo requests, capturing leads during events, and for showcasing content alongside an interactive bot.

Since the internet has become saturated with B2B companies promoting content, using bot-enabled website landing pages is a great way to stand apart from the competition.

Although these pages are best used as a form replacement, try and steer clear of the usual “form” questions like first name, last name, etc. Instead, focus on creating a frictionless experience and leverage data enrichment to do the dirty work of finding first and last names, and company name after getting a business email.

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