7 Ways to Promote Landing Pages

Alexander Falossi

Last Update vor 3 Jahren

How do you use landing pages for your business? Let me count the ways…(there are more but we will focus on these today)

1. Content Download

Just published a new research report? Created a how-to guide? Use a lead capture landing page to give your site visitors instant access to your latest content in exchange for personal data.

2. Infographics

Have you conducted research and are looking for another way to express your insights outside of a report of white paper? An infographic is a great alternative as people find data visualizations a more interesting way to consume key insights. Metrics on page engagement for these types of pages like social shares and increased time on page are great benefits for SEO.

3. Event or Webinar Registration

Hoping to draw a large audience for your upcoming webinar or live event? Spread the word through a lead generation landing page. You’ll grow your attendance.

4. Request a Demo

Do you offer Demos, in home consultations, estimates, proposals? Your well-crafted landing page will compel visitors to give your product a go will help you book more qualified meetings.

5. Product Detail

Launching or promoting a specific product? Use a landing page that outlines the benefits, features, design and testimonials, and prompts visitors to try or buy it. By creating a landing page separate from your main product page, you ensure a strong message match between the ad or link and your landing page.

6. Account-Based Marketing

To take an ABM approach, build a landing page that targets your ideal customers in the messaging. Then use focused paid advertising to reach this niche audience and boost conversions.

7. Email List Opt-In

Get more subscribers to your blog or newsletter by creating a dedicated landing page that prompts people to sign up. Tell people what they can expect and why they don’t want to miss out on your sweet newsletters.

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