7 Tips to Writing Great Landing Page Copy

Alexander Falossi

Last Update 3 years ago

1) Focus on your buyers

This rule applies to all the copy you write for your business. To write a landing page that converts, speak your buyers’ language. What do they have to win by engaging with you? Think about your buyers’ experience holistically and what happens after they give their contact details.

2) Keep it clear and concise

If you’re not clear, your site visitors won’t spend time trying to figure out what you’re offering. Our attention spans aren’t getting any longer. Edit your landing page until the message is concise and persuasive enough to incite visitors to take action. Kill your darlings–ensure every sentence serves a purpose. If it doesn’t, cut it out.

3) Use action-oriented language

Your BluePages.Pro landing page is focused on getting your prospects to take action. Rather than just informing your visitors, make sure your writing drives action. What does that mean? Start your sentences with verbs (just like this one) and use an active voice to keep visitors engaged.

4) Describe the benefits

Please don’t take this the wrong way but… no one cares about you. To put it less bluntly, your visitors don’t want to hear about how great your contracting business is. Focus on how your offer benefits them, and what problem those benefits solve. Transform your landing page copy by asking yourself “So what?” for every line you write. What’s in it for your buyers? Why should they care?

5) Create a sense of urgency

We love it when our contractors do this in their featured video on the BluePages.Pro. No need to get overly dramatic here, but creating implied urgency through your copy is one way to encourage your visitors to take action. Test using words like “now,” “today” and “instant” to provoke quick responses. Taking a “stop what you’re doing” approach also works to tell visitors that their current actions are hurting their business.

This is just an example on how we see URGENCY day in and day out.

6) Address potential objections

Anticipate your visitors’ objections and overcome them in your landing page. This persuasive technique shows visitors’ you truly understand them and helps to instill a sense of trust.

We provide a few areas to do this… True Review, About us, Video, and many options for Headlines and Subheadlines.

A great example of a high converting BluePages.Pro Landing Page: https://bluepages.pro/listings/watkins-construction-roofing/

7) Use social proof

Let’s face it, no one eats at a one star sushi restaurant, so why would someone hire you if you had only one star? Our contractors add True Review to their BluePages.Pro page. Using social proof is one of the most powerful ways to boost landing page conversions. Add short testimonials from happy customers or embed social media posts from people that positively reflect your brand to your pages. Combining a sense of urgency with social proof creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) and will prompt your visitors to act fast.

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